Whether you are a an Apta trade customer or looking to buy any of our product ranges, our frequently asked questions should help you find what you’re looking for.

We are a trade only company and do not sell directly to the public. If you’re interested in becoming a trade customer, please contact our team via the Contact page.

If you want to buy our products directly, they are available from many garden centres and online retailers. Click here to find a stockist local to you.

We are confident in our products and their ability to remain in tack even in frosty weather. However, in the unfortunate event that your pots do not withstand the frost, we provide a ten-year guarantee so you can return and replace your product. Simply retain your receipt and in the unlikely event of any problems please return it to the stockist you purchased the item from.

Frost proof means that the pot is manufactured to withstand prolonged cold and wet weather, including constant freeze-thaw actions, provided there is proper drainage. We recommend using matching pot feet for your plant pot. All our frost proof pots are guaranteed against frost damage for ten years, provided the pot has proper drainage. Look out for the ten year guarantee symbol on Apta pots.

Frost resistant means that provided the pot has proper drainage, i.e. by using pot feet to raise it off the ground, it will withstand most conditions. We recommend placing frost resistant pots in sheltered positions during prolonged cold and freezing weather, as water that permeates the body may cause damage under these conditions.

Where possible unless a pot is frost proof move it to a sheltered position. Ensure pot feet are used to improve drainage and prevent pots freezing to floor surfaces.

To ensure your pots remain balanced whilst standing on feet, Apta recommend using three feet on round pots, and four feet on square pots.

To clean natural terracotta pots, simply use water and a stiff brush to remove algae or dirt. To reduce further discolouration always lift the pot off the floor with pot feet.

In the right setting, a weathered terracotta pot can look very attractive. If you like this effect of natural ageing you can accelerate it by occasionally painting the outer surface with natural yoghurt or milk.

Most Apta pots are designed for outdoor use. However, you can use them indoors too. You can use our specially designed Pot Liners which can transform any Apta outdoor pot into an indoor pot by creating a waterproof wall inside the pot.

Apta also recommends using a combination of pot feet and indoor saucers to help create a reservoir and prevent the possibility of moisture causing condensation or marks on carpet or other floor surfaces.

There are many advantages of planting in containers:

  • Plant display is improved. Flowers, trees and shrubs are given extra dimension and interest, which can be tailored to your individual style.
  • Plants can be easily re-positioned within the garden and taken with you when you move.
  • Containers are less susceptible to pest damage.
  • Excellent for improving bare or dull areas around the home or garden.
  • You do not need a garden. Display containers on windowsills, balconies, near the front door and on paved areas.
  • Tender plants can be grown outdoors and brought into a conservatory or a greenhouse during winter.

We love to welcome new customers! If you want to open a trade account, please get in touch via the Contact Us page so that we can forward your enquiry to the relevant team.